In regards to experience, consider the following when looking for the “Best Real Estate Agent” (BREA)

The BREA must have lived in the area a minimum of 10 years. This gives the agent an unparalleled advantage over newcomers because of knowing the area well. It would be second nature for that agent to guide you, through the characteristics unique to each city. Consider all the information you really should receive, besides the property itself. You need to know the city’s demographics, it’s traffic commute conditions, the weather, the quality of the schools and public services, tax rates, major parks, crime rates, etc.

The BREA must have a  minimum of 2 years working in Real Estate.
The experience as a realtor assures you that your transaction will be well taken care of in terms of providing a solid market price analysis for either buyers or sellers,, following through the real estate transaction, from opening escrow to county recording. There are many aspects that the agent needs to cover to ensure a succesful transaction:  Prepare seller disclosures, property inspections, appraisals, loan approval status, title and fire insurance, etc.

An experienced buyers’ agent will protect clients from purchasing an overpriced property, and/or buying a property that has serious defects, either in title or in the building or land itself.

An experienced listing agent, will be very savvy  in pricing and marketing the home. He or She should be able to select the best pre-qualified buyer, as to get the maximum price for the seller. while  processing thoroughly  all  statutory disclosures to avoid any possible litigation to the seller.

Additionally, I believe it is a real plus, if agent brings to the table, the experience of having worked in private business. All to your advantage, you can benefit from the agent’s good business acumen, negotiation and communication skills, and in general, a good business sense. Business people come with a natural disposition to be result oriented, so you definitely want to have an agent with those characteristics on your side at the negotiation table.